The Birth of a Revolution

Filling a need.

Selfe Hooks™ are the brainchild of Andy Selfe and JP de Kock; an innovation created to streamline an arduous task. Productivity is the lifeblood of a farm, and after spending several days too many tying down branches, Andy decided there must be a faster way to do it. After two years of testing, and finally with the help of JP’s engineering savvy, a brand new tool was born.

Andy Selfe

Jean-Pierre de Kock

The first prototypes

The first attempts were hand-bent wire hooks. More useful than knots, but still arduous to make and use

A slight detour

The next version was 3D printed plastic. More durable but far too complicated and slow to produce

Getting there

JP joins the design process, and after 6 iterations of design, they settle on injection-moulded polypropylene plastic as the preferred material, using 3D-printed prototypes to test 

The first mould is created

A mould was commissioned at the beginning of March, and was delivered mere hours before the first lockdown of 2020. It was put to work immediately, producing the first 20,000 hooks for commercial use within days

Getting to work

A boring, time-consuming job just became a lot more fun and more-ish!

Reaching the peak

In October of 2020, application was begun to register the Selfe Hook™ design. It took a while, but finally success!

The Future
Where to from here?

So where to from here? With any luck, to start the time-saving revolution with the niftiest widget in the agricultural toolbox!