Join the Selfe Hook™ Revolution!

  • Easy to Use

    A design based on years of tree-training experience, the Selfe Hook™ will make a boring chore feel fun

  • Reusable

    Made of durable injection-moulded polypropylene plastic, Selfe Hooks™ are fully reusable from season to season

  • Plant-friendly

    They're non-slip and easily adjusted along the branch, so fewer branches snap or choke, making Selfe Hooks™ a safer option for your plants

What is a Selfe Hook™?

The future of tree-training

A new way to train

Selfe Hooks™ are versatile plant training hooks, designed to replace the traditional rope knots used in training branches, securing creepers and vines, and supporting young plants. 

  • Saves Time

    Selfe Hooks™ are so easy to use, you can cut your orchard labour time, during tree training, by up to 67%

  • Saves Money

    Selfe Hooks™ are reusable, so not only are you saving on labour costs, you'll be saving on materials too!

  • Eco-friendly

    Made from 100% recycled plastic (including Ocean Recovery) and in turn fully recycleable, Selfe Hooks™ are also the eco-friendly option

Introducing innovation

An Essential Tool For Your Orchard, Nursery, Or Garden

Join the Selfe Hook™ revolution today!

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